Wedding in Hotel Rural Villa Xarahiz - Rosi and Alberto

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Alberto y Rosi

Jaraiz de la Vera


When it is said that from one wedding comes another wedding we can attest to it. Alberto and Rosi were a couple who already knew us from a previous wedding, and they were very clear that we were the photographers of their wedding.

The ceremony took place in the church of Arroyo Molinos de la Vera and later we went to the rural Hotel Villa Xarahiz. As you can see Alberto belongs to the armed forces so his wedding dress was a dress that did not have a tie, and that annoyed the friends with little because they could not cut it, so Alberto had the funny gesture of giving a tie to each of his friends to cut it between them. Late that night, the friends' dance contest began, and choosing the winner was quite complicated since each one was better than the last.

Well guys, thanks for trusting our work; we hope that with our work you will have an incredible memory of your wedding day.



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