We have a particular way of dealing with wedding reports, with a natural, fun and emotional view of it. We look beyond how beautiful you are that day, where you find those gestures, smiles and looks that characterize you and make you different from the rest, because each couple is completely unique, and we love to tell stories, especially yours.

Your wedding day will be full of MOMENTS: fun moments, happy moments, emotional moments... everyone will be different but all of them will have something in common... which are moments that will pass very quickly. That's why we love to photograph those little moments full of beauty and happiness, intervening as little as possible. You will only have to worry about having fun and enjoying the people around you. We do not want to make simple replicas of every moment, we want to tell the story of your wedding day through emotional and real images.

There are moments of your wedding day that you will like to relive and feel as they were, and we will be happy to help you preserve those memories. We promise you all our dedication and pampering in every picture, after all it couldn't be any other way, because when you love what you do all work is full of feeling.

As for the distance, do not worry, for us it is not an impediment, it is a motivation to discover beautiful weddings.



The main and most important thing in our work is communication and trust between us, something that is essential for you to feel comfortable and relaxed at all times. To achieve this we will provide you from the first contact a personal and close treatment through calls and meetings to plan details and advise you in everything we can.

With all this we want to achieve is that you see us as guests at your wedding, feel part of your emotions and get involved with you, we do not want to be mere strangers who move through your wedding making cold and empty poses.


All the newlyweds agree on the same idea... "too many preparations and nerves for the wedding day to fly by later". In the face of this we reconsider taking things differently... Why wait until the wedding day to enjoy this new path you are starting together and not start enjoying your commitment from the first minute? For this reason we propose some ideas that will give a fun and exciting touch to this wait.

*Pre-wedding report.

The pre-wedding consists of a couple's photo session that usually takes place a few months before the wedding. It is an informal and fun session in which you only have to worry about being yourself and enjoy the experience. It lasts 3-4 hours and is held outdoors. We always ask you if you have a special place where you want to do it, if not we will take care of finding the ideal locations. The realization of these photos does not require special clothing, nor do you need to go to the hairdresser or makeup room, unless you want it, the best thing is clothes with which you feel comfortable and look beautiful. From the pre-wedding we will give you a minimum of 50 photos on the USB in maximum resolution and without watermarks, so that you can use them wherever and however you want.


Post wedding report.

One of the reports that most characterizes us is the post-wedding session. The reason is that we do not usually do the report of the bride and groom outdoors so characteristic after the ceremony. We are aware that this day is entirely for you, so we do not want to steal the valuable time of a fleeting and intense day that belongs to you, you are the protagonists and you are the ones who have to enjoy every second along with your guests. After the wedding we will stay one afternoon, more relaxed, without hurrying and without fear of staining the suits and we will make your post-wedding report. We assure you that in this way you will have a much more fun, original and impressive picture of both of us than the one you could take on your wedding day and in the rush to get there in time for dinner. But we can also do the report that day, if it is inconvenient for you to get dressed again, we simply ask you for about 30 minutes where we will take a few pictures as a souvenir.


As we have said before, our way of doing the wedding reports is based on telling real stories, the story of your wedding day without losing the slightest detail, that's why we always go with two photographers and start our work from the previous preparations in the hairdresser's and in the bride and groom's house to two or three hours of the open bar, a space to which normally the photographers don't give much importance but that usually gives us some magnificent photographs.

Throughout the day of the wedding we do not like to intervene too much, we stick to what happens and that is what we reflect in our work. You are the ones who set the pace at all times and we follow you.

As you will see, our way of doing the reports involves a lot of involvement, so we only cover one wedding a day, as we want to devote all our time and dedication exclusively to you.

But our commitment to you extends far beyond the day of the wedding and the post-wedding. When we have all the material, we will process the photographs one by one and deliver them to you on a USB drive at maximum quality and without watermarks. We will also provide you with a lightweight version of the photos so that you can use them on social networks or send them by email. When sending the images we will also give you a proposal for the layout of the pages of your album, which we believe is the most appropriate, although we are open to make the changes you suggest. Once you give your approval we will send it to the photo lab for printing.

And now comes the big question


How long does this whole process take?

Well, we've set a deadline of 4 months... because as they say




Surely when you see your album you'll be excited, you'll even shed a few tears, but you know what? It's not really at that moment that you'll enjoy the report the most, nor when you show it to your family and friends.

This album is a piece of your history, and as in all stories, its value multiplies with the passage of time.

So now we ask you...

How much would you be willing to pay in a few years for such a memory?




To hire us, we recommend that you do so as soon as possible, since we only cover one


Weddings are quickly sold out, especially on Saturdays during the high season.


For the hiring, both parties (you and us) will sign a private contract where you will be assured of everything we have previously agreed on for your report. Upon signing the contract, an initial payment of 20% of the total amount of the report is made. The remaining amount will be distributed as follows:


50% in the two weeks after the wedding


30% remaining on delivery of the work


As you can see, we love to tell beautiful love stories that move you now and forever,


but mostly true stories..


Do you want us to tell yours?