If you've come this far it's because you're probably looking for someone who can capture in images the great moments of your wedding day... well let us tell you that you're in the perfect place!

We are Raúl and Mónica and we are wedding photographers all over Extremadura and currently we also cover weddings in other parts of Spain.

We are not only work colleagues, but also life colleagues, together with our dog Lola, who is the one who is not so happy with us being away from home for so many hours and sometimes days because of our work, jijiji.

We are people who, like everyone else, like to get together with the family, have a few beers with friends, play with our dog, do Sunday series marathons on Netflix, meet new people and above all live beautiful stories like yours.

We love photography so much that one day we decided to turn our passion into our livelihood, not without a bit of fear of course. We started our career with professional studies in photography schools in Madrid, university studies in Art and above all self-taught knowledge about photography. But as wedding photography is in constant change we keep on training ourselves in different workshops and photography seminars to keep on evolving and offering always the best to every couple that hires us. In addition, we are members of directories and associations with great importance at national and international level which gives us a unique satisfaction and recognition.

But well, let's get to what is really important for you ...

Our photography is inspired by our personal life philosophy. For us, life is full of special little moments, many of them everyday, which are the ones that bring us true happiness.

That is why we bet on a wedding reportage where we tell with images the emotion, the intensity, the nerves and the joy you will live in your big day in the most natural way so that you remember that day as it was.

We treat every report as something very personal and unique, caring about every detail and offering you a very close treatment at every moment. It is always exciting to prepare a new wedding and share precious moments with special people, something that motivates us in every wedding we do.

We just have to say that we are very grateful just for the fact that you are considering us to document your wedding day. We know how important that day is for you and that's why we are committed to offering you a high quality work that preserves all the wonderful moments that you will experience on your big day.