Wedding at the Veredillas Tower David and Yoli

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David + Yoli

Oliva de Plasencia


Party, party and more party, that's how we can describe David and Yoli's wedding.

The entire wedding celebration was held in the Torreón de Veredillas, a superb property located in the Oliva area of Plasencia. The ceremony took place in the garden of the Torreón, where one of the most incredible moments was the entrance of the bride holding her father's arm. During the whole day everything was laughing and having fun with family and friends, but the best thing came in the open bar; and most of the guests came from Malpartida de Plasencia and the entertainer of the party was Alberto de Santos Music who is also from that town, so when you put together the incredible desire to party and Alberto's cheerfulness the open bar was one of the top moments of this wedding campaign.

You can see the incredible pictures of family and friends who gave everything until the end of the wedding.



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