Wedding at Hacienda Zorita - SALAMANCA - Ana Alex

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When Ana and Alex called us to meet them, they told us that their wedding was going to be in a special place, in a ranch located in the outskirts of Salamanca, called hacienda zorrita. And when we went to meet them, we discovered that it was an incredible place to celebrate a dream wedding. For us, as wedding photographers, it was a new place, but we discovered an incredible place to take the wedding photos; and on top of that, a few kilometres away from a city like Salamanca. The wedding day started with the typical nerves of the bride and groom before the ceremony, the typical emotions, those tears that fall, but little by little were transformed into joy and fun, but above all in one of the most important days of their lives.

Thank you guys for letting us discover such a wonderful place for weddings as Hacienda Zorrita. We hope that your wedding photos will become part of a special memory as much as for us to have photographed your wedding and to have let us know a little bit more about you, friends and family.


Ceremonia - Hacienda Zorita

Decoracion - Flow made wedding

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