trash the dress in the SNOW - Javier y Laura

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Have you ever thought of doing your post wedding report in the snow?

Recently we showed you the wedding report of Javier and Laura, a wedding celebrated in the Parador Nacional de Plasencia. As we said it was a winter wedding and a bit different, that's why we also decided to make their post wedding report a bit different... in the snow.

This year it had snowed very little, so we had to go and do the post wedding report up to the Gredos platform. The truth is that the trip was worthwhile because not only we found a lot of snow but also a splendid sunny day. At the beginning I was a little worried because the wedding dress was the same white as the snow and I didn't know very well how the photographs with the bride would look in that landscape, but when I started to see the results all my doubts and worries were dispelled ...

Thanks guys for letting us do something different from your wedding


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