EDUARDO & MARÍA - Wedding at the Parador Nacional Plasencia

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Making weddings in Plasencia, our city, we love it and even more when it is a wedding like the one we present you today: the wedding of Eduardo and Maria

As usual we started our work with the groom's preparations, in this case at the Parador Nacional de Plasencia. After accompanying Eduardo while he was preparing for the "Si quiero" with his family and friends, we went to the suite of the Parador where Maria was dressing with the help of her friends and mother.

Meanwhile, little by little, family and friends arrived at the place of the ceremony: The Cathedral of Plasencia; to accompany Eduardo who was already waiting at the altar with the Godmother. And finally the great moment arrived, which as expected was full of emotion.

After the ceremony we returned to the Parador Nacional of Plasencia to celebrate Edu and Maria's "if I want to" with a great party.

Guys, thank you very much for letting us be part of your history. A big hug

Restaurant: Parador Plasencia



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