"AUGURI" trash the dress - Report Wedding in Rome the Eternal City

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Rome, the Eternal City.

Since we began our journey in 2014, we had always had the idea of doing a wedding report outside of Spain, and talking and talking we decided to do a post-wedding report in Rome, a city that we love, but for this couple it is very special, because it is where Roberto proposed to Noelia.

We started the Post-Wedding Report in Rome being the center of attention everywhere we went, with a lot of people, and one of the things that surprised us the most was that many of them said a typical Italian greeting to the newlyweds "Auguri" which is like congratulations here in Spain.

Our post wedding report took us on a tour of the most special monuments of the city of Rome from the Roman Coliseum, through the Fontana di Trevi to the Vatican City, where we waited for a special sunset. But this is not the end of the story, we repeated the way back, but this time the other way around, to look for those night photographs that we love so much, ending up at the Colosseum with a photo that we were looking for since the first day we decided to make the trip.

For Roberto and Noelia and for us it has been a very special trip with lots of anecdotes that will always stay in our memories, including the fact that we almost missed the return flight hahaha. Thank you very much couple for this incredible adventure and for all you have given us.

And as they say in Rome




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